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Megan, please come back :(

  June 11, 2014 @ 2:28 am    252 words in post       0 loves

I don’t know exactly when I started to suffer from insomnia, but if I think about it, the first night I couldn’t sleep at all was when Megan left for Mexico last month without even saying goodbye.

She just left a post-it on the fridge and that was it. From that day, the night feels a lot more scary. :( Unless I have StarLight over to sleep together, but that doesn’t and can’t happen often.

So I just asked dr. Ronald to get me some melatonin to help fight my insomnia. I wouldn’t buy melatonin if it weren’t absolutely necessary, you know— but there have been days when I didn’t sleep at all in over 72 hours and I was completely drained, brain half-dead and body… well, you know.

I buy melatonin because I need to, but some of my classmates went as far as to say I’m addicted. O_O

Me?! Addicted to an integrator?!

That’s nonsense, and I’m being light on words. If I buy melatonin, that can only be for a serious problem, certainly not because I have fun getting integrators that usually robots don’t get.

But if it helps, it helps. Period.

Hope they understand.

And I hope to see Megan come back.

I miss my big sister. :(

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Mommies and menopause

  November 20, 2013 @ 10:06 pm    354 words in post       0 loves

I love babysitting! :3 Children are such a blessed and free my heart and rejuvenate my soul. My new client’s are also utterly adorable and I can hardly wait for the day I can go and spent the day with them. Aww.

However, one child of my client’s – who is going through menopause – is having a tough time bonding with Mom because she’s so moody and tired all of the time and finds it harder and harder to do the everyday tasks of caring for a child.

I was very concerned for her and her baby, hoping that I could help them to bond better, I talked with Dr. Rhinox, who is a friend of the Prime family, and he said she should buy progesterone in bottles and take a low dose every two days. He assured me it was safe, that this hormone is naturally present in the female body and it wouldn’t introduce any foreign substances or toxins that would upset the body’s natural balance. I’m so glad I asked! My mommy client went and asked her own doctor and he told her to buy progesterone and take it at the same conditions my friend Rhinox suggested. YAY!

This menopausal mommy is now doing great, and it only took her a few days to adjust and respond positively. :) Now she has time and energy to keep up after her little one; the only sad thing is now that she has energy to care for her baby, she requires fewer babysitting times from me! XD LOL!

Maybe one day, when I’m older, I’ll buy progesterone too. Or maybe robot women don’t need it? Uhm… Rhiiiinooooox???

Thanks to for inspiring this post!

Just for sis Megan

  September 23, 2013 @ 9:13 pm    260 words in post       0 loves

I don’t know why Megan would want me to buy Melatonin in the UK, but if she insists… :-/

My sister is just plain weird, you know?

I guess she’s just trying to secure herself from her jet-lag problems, because it’s tough to buy Melatonin in the UK, but while I understand her needs, I think she’s just exaggerating. Why can’t she get her new business partner – who’s already in the UK – to buy it for her? She insists that *I* make the purchase and that’s not fun.

Anyway, I hope it does make her feel better. Her doctor prescribed the supplement, so I’m certain she’s safe with it.

Next week I’ll place an order on Vitasunn to buy Melatonin in the UK. Hope Megan will appreciate the effort. 😉 Ahah.

My sweet boyfriend will stay by my side and help me if I get lost on the website. LOL. I have some web navigational issue, I guess. I tend to get lost and oftentimes sitemaps don’t even help much– I need someone to guide me through the site. Heh, I use Wikipedia every day yet I get lost even there sometimes. ^^; It’s why my websites are all so easy to browse, you know.

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